Tips To Find A Reliable Buyers Agent

A real estate transaction is a complex process that involves detailed paperwork & numerous outside service providers as well as contractors. So, if you a first-time buyer, things can be tougher than you think. A good buyer's agent, in such a situation, can effectively guide you through the entire process, address your concerns, and serve as an advocate. Buyer's agents are licensed professionals who specialize in searching, evaluating, & negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer. So, you can rely on them to find a suitable property for you as per your needs. To find the right property for you, they may submit offers & counteroffers, suggest a reliable property inspector, & offer relevant advice. However, as there are so many buyers agents out there, selecting the best one is not as easy as it looks. To make it a little easier for you, given below are some useful tips that you can use to find a reliable buyers agent.

  • Beware of one-person assessments – Seeking referrals from people you know is not one of the best ways to find a trustworthy buyer's agent. Your friends and family may have enjoyed the friendly personality of the agent they used, but they are typically not in a position to assess the depth of the agent’s real estate knowledge or how well they can negotiate for their buyer clients compared with other agents.
  • Check Online – Whether you are planning to move locally, or intending to buy property out of state, you will find plenty of websites that offer selection assistance with buyers agents. Large portal sites have ratings and review systems that can be easily manipulated. Oftentimes agents can pay to be at the top of a search listing. Some sites are notorious for never posting a negative review, thus skewing 5-star ratings. A site that uses an objective third party to assess the agent’s performance is your best bet.
  • Start at the top with non-franchise independent companies – Independent real estate firms tend to be small locally-owned companies who are highly motivated to provide top quality service to you since their local reputation depends on it. The owner is directly accountable to the referring site. A good referral site will provide you with the broker/owner’s name to start with. You may very well end up working directly with this licensed person. Sometimes they will suggest an agent within their office who has in-depth experience and knowledge about your preferred towns or neighborhoods. In this situation, the broker/owner is now more accountable to both you and the referring site since the performance of their agents reflects directly back on them. You know exactly who to go to if there is ever an issue of agent performance.
  • Get pre-screened buyers agents within Franchise companies --- A good referral site will already have worked with the relocations manager to provide names and qualifications of the top buyers agents. These firms that typically have hundreds if not thousands of agents with all levels of expertise, so a pre-selection process is critical. Best referral sites will provide you with the manager’s or relocation director’s name upon request. These owners or managers are responsible for the activities of the agents who are under their employ, and are accountable to the recommending site. Calling a large franchise without a specific name in mind will likely end up with 1) a transfer to the listing agent—the last person on earth you want to talk with because they are under a written obligation to get the highest price and best terms for the seller, or 2) a transfer to the “floor” person. The floor agent is typically the newest and most inexperienced agent.
  • Set one or more Appointments – It is tempting to get in a car with an agent to start looking at properties before you have thoroughly vetted them. Don’t rely on just email or phone correspondence. If distance is a problem, minimally set up a Face-Time or Skype session. Request a face-to-face, no-obligation interview session.
  • Interview your top one or two selections – A little time invested up front to interview your prospective agent will pay large dividends down the line. Find sites that will give you good set of starter interview questions and add your questions to that list. Sites that will give you the best answers to those screening questions are more useful than those that simply boast they are the best. For example, many of us know to ask for experience level. However, a competent agent in the complex field of real estate should have a minimum of 2 years of experience, and preferably 5, and be full-time agents.
  • Unilateral Cancellation Clauses – You should select one agent within one firm to work with and commit to them in a written agreement that has a unilateral cancellation clause. This clause will protect you if their performance does not meet your expectations. These clauses are easy to write and easy to enforce. Most agents will not automatically include them. The written agreement will outline in black and white exactly what they will do to earn their commission and what happens if you choose to discontinue the relationship.

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