Tips to Tie a Hijab That Matches Your Face Shape

For a Muslim woman, it is extremely important to cover her head and this when they make use of beautiful Islamic Hijabs. However, merely wearing a Hijab does not enhance the beauty of a woman. Draping a Hijab according to your face shape is of utmost importance. A huge variety of Hijabs for women are available in the market, and you can choose any – all you need to do is tie it in the right manner so that it enhances your appearance.

-Women having a round face: Women having a round face should be very careful while tying a Hijab. Tying the Hijab in a wrong manner can make your face appear more fat and bloated. If you have a round face and long hair, make sure you start off with tie your hair into a bun and then use a undercap. This will give the impression of a round head instead of a round face. Moreover, the attention of other people will be more on your head than your face. Fix your Hijab well and adorn it with Hijab pins and other accessories.

-Women having a long face: Women who have a long face should opt for Turkish style. This gives a full view of the face and helps in enhancing the overall look of the wearer. Also, women having a long face can curl their hair, so that the shape of the head appears better and balanced when compared to the face.

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