About that Technology Instructional Specialist...

He's always running around....

Classroom Teacher - 15 years

Mr. Ron Burke has taught English (Pre-AP and regular), Journalism (both yearbook and newspaper), and LOTC (Leadership Officers' Training Corps) at North Shore Middle School. His journalism staffs have won state and national awards and he's full of resources for English/Language Arts classes.

United States Army Veteran - 15 years

Mr. Burke served in the United States Army Reserve, first in the 7/6 Cavalry Regiment (Apache Attack Helicopter Armament) and in the 211th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (Chief Public Affairs NCO). He served with the 10th Mountain Division in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2003 and with the 1st Cavalry Division in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2009.

Apache photo: Lockheed Martin

Bachelor of English, University of Houston

Certified in English, 6-12. Studied abroad in Bourges, France during junior year (summer).

Photo: www.uh.edu.


Music, interests, influences, and stuff...

80's child. Always listening to something from that time period.

Favorites: Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order...
Love horror, science fiction, medieval-based historical fiction, etc. ​Star Wars source: www.starwarswikia.com, Poe source: www.favim.com

Of course, the technology...4th year as a TIS.

Apple computer: www.vintagemacmuseum.com, Tablet: www.gizmodo.com, Lab: www.wikipedia.org, ​Tech cloud: www.cio.com.

Embrace the technology. It helps us every day and the students love to use it.