Sell on Marketplace for Cheap with Shopping Cart Elite

Overstock is the perfect place to buy and sell your products. Their auction site and features are great for any member.Additionally, you will be provided with comprehensive buying details and receive feedback about every user on the site.

Listing fees are lower than eBay, with a free registration and listing fess ranging from 10 cents to $3.15. Final value fees are less than 3% for items under $25 that are sold. However, you can relist the items without any cost for an unlimited amount of times. If you want to upgrade your lists and bring attention to them, you can pay $1 for bold and highlighting will cost you $5. You can get your auction featured for only $13.17. The first picture uploaded is free of charge, and then every photo that you add is 10 cents a piece with a limit of 6 pictures. Additionally, if you are a frequent user, you will also be able to opt into subscription plans. Such plans start at $6.95 per month for 25 concurrent listings. You also have the option of opening a store and cross promoting your products on the details page.

Use Shopping Cart Elite as your main data hub for all of the products that you want to sell on Overstock. OmniChannelHub, a product which integrates directly with Shopping Cart Elite and an ERP system, is designed for multi-channel retailers who want to be able to submit to any marketplace channel.

Quickly expand your business with its powerful automation. Listing from one catalog to all of the marketplaces can be done all together or individually. They can also be updated and revised across all of the marketplaces. With the touch of a button, you can list a large number of products, create both bulk variations and automotive fitments and using excel or the wizard to do everything.

Templates are great since you can assign a Preset right in the Listing Builder and so with the creation of various templates, listing a product is a breeze. With the simple interface on Overstock, easily monitor and manage all of the listings. Additionally, product descriptions are automatically filled in Overstock. OmniChannelHub also supports both a simple text-based Overstock description and professionally designed templates with logos, background and hypertext menus. Without any difficulty, sell multiple Overstock accounts on only one account so that you can expand your business to even more channels.