Tony Hamlin

Tony Kickles

The sadness
Pouring out my eyes
Bumpy ride back
Further from her
The worse it gets
In the back of the motor home
Pulling up the driveway
Excitement pours out
The box on the steps
Its in!
I ran to the box
Screaming goodbye
Quickly opening it
Pulling out all parts
I brought them inside
and began to sort it
I sprinted to the tools
The building began
I've been needing this
Its in my blood to BMX
I live on it like a flower with sun
Blue twin flat tires
I pumped them up
I took a deep breath
The smell of a new bike
New tires,Grease,Grips,Metal
A cool summer breeze passes by
I take a picture
To post on instagram
Tony Hamlin and friends tagged
Waiting for a response from Tony
Tony answered
¨Shred that thing!¨ he said
My mind exploded in excitement
I rode it
The free feeling
The smooth ride

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2 years ago

I ride BMX and im nine