Understanding the Importance of the Declaration of Independence

Takk created by: Jalyn Singleton

In the Declaration of Independence there are several important points that are the reason we are here now.

Unalienable Rights

The idea of unalienable rights is that no matter what, you have Liberty, Life and the pursuit of Happiness. As long as the government gives you the option to achieve those things then bam... You have unalienable rights, and this is one of the most important things that the Declaration of Independence goes over.

Consent of the governed?

The government needs the consent of the governed because in democracy its important for the people to be able to have a say in their government. The government is responsible for making sure our unalienable rights are achieved.

The Rights Today

The Declaration of Independence is applied to our world today. Even though this document is ancient our country mostly goes by those three rights and they should. I believe that no matter what we should be able to achieve those things.  

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