Journal Ideas for My First Grade Students

This is a board that I created for my students to help with selecting topics to write about on our free writing days in our journal writing center.

Journal Ideas for First Grade

A special birthday for me is…

A special birthday for an adult is…

What is your favorite time of day? Explain why?

I’d like to see . . .

The biggest thing I ever saw

If toys could talk what would they say?

I am proud of myself because…

What I know about rabbits is that…

Tell about one thing you do really well?

Insects, insects everywhere!!! Describe what you see!

I’m happy when . . .

This is how I think plants grow.

My adventure would be

I am afraid to_________ because

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

Describe your best day ever?

What does a super-fun day look like to you?

Climbing trees is…

I wish trees could._______because….

I want to be a ________ when I grow up.

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