October project

Say boo to bullying bash

I would like to get points fir the say boo to bullying bash.

Play 60

I would like to get points for play 60 because i went two times in my study hall.

Mountain bay trail

Iersonally lonVe to run the mountain bay trail and here are the two pictures you asked for.

Tetherball a backyard game

This is a game of tether ball it might look hard to start with but it is really easy as you keep playing.

Volleyball skill

This is an underhand serve click the link and watch my video

Football skill

This is my football skill it is the kick and that is the only way you can start a game.

Black or white dance

This is the one dance that we had to make up for play 60. I chose black or white because I like the meaning to it and love who it is by... Michael Jackson!

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