A Simple, but Creative Presentation App

Flowboard is an extremely easy to use app that allows teachers and students to create a presentation or a story in an organized way, share it easily with others, and present it in a way that catches the eye of the audience, keeping them engaged.

This video shows how to use Flowboard effectively in the classroom

Flowboard provides 3 main features

Creation: Create each screen using simple touch gestures. Add buttons, videos, and galleries for interactivity.

Share: Share your Flowboard URL to an iPad or the web.  Being able to post anywhere keeps you from saving to your computer's hard drive.

Present: You can present your Flowboard on your iPad, online, or offline.

This video shows how to use "gestures" to make your Flowboard creation and presentation easier

Teachers can use Flowboard to present information to students as a whole, or students can access the information on their own by posting the information to your classroom website.

Students can create research presentations, timelines, or storyboards with Flowboard, which can easily be uploaded to a classroom website for the teacher and all students to access.

Check out the links below to view some Flowboards created by 9th grade students at Coppell High School

I hope you find Flowboard to be a great addition to your classroom.
If you have any questions about integrating Flowboard into your classroom, please let me know.