Percent of Change Project- Extinct Species
By Sophia B. and Alexis A.

Animal Statistics

Animals are everywhere and we see them everyday. We may not realize it, but these animals need a home here as much as we do. As of right now, 8.7 million species live on this planet  but that was not always the case. In 1970 there were 9,140,000 species. That is a huge decrease.  It was only 44 year difference. Due to progressing technology people are becoming careless and unaware of our shared environment. There are also a great amount of endangered species.

I knew that when I asked my essential question, I would see a very tragic statistic. People have become so careless about the environment with green house gases, littering, and poaching animals, I'm not surprised by these facts.


1970- 9,140,000

2014- 8.7 million

Endangered Species-

2014- 16,306

1970-  94

Essential Question

How many animals have gone extinct since 1970? As explained above we haven't exactly been fair to our environment. Since 1970 we found a decrease in animal species of 48% , the starting number and end number had such a decrease. It has only been 44 years. So what is our essential question for our huge percent of change?

What percent changed when we went from 9,140,000 species to 8.7 million?  

Lets figure out the percent of change......

Endangered Species

Because of us have disturbed the environment. Think back to the technology. I was not as progressed as it is today. We have ore cars and more people on this earth. More people mean more space. And more money. People try and kill animals so they can get wealthy. Its gotten out of hand. Its a statistic. In 1970 there were 94 endangered animals. Now there are 16,306.


Lets look at the percent of change of the following data....

2014- 16,306

1970- 94

Statistics like these are not very pleasant to think about. Let's save our environment and the creatures sharing it with us :)

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