Chapter 2 Project: Hot! Hot! Hot!

N Powell Mr. Kirkland 2nd Period Math III HOnors

I am the owner of the Sizzlin’ Sauce Company. My company makes two different kinds of sauce, Red Hot Sauce (X) and Scorchin’ Hot Sauce (Y). As the owner of a successful business, I want to minimize the cost and maximize the profit, and keep customers satisfied by filling orders promptly.

Basic Logic

To fill an order for Sizzlin' Sauce sauces, I bought 1050 green peppers and 1200 m hot chili peppers. I drew a graph and wrote a system of inequalities to represent the number of pints of each kind of sauce I can make. Referring to the following recipes below.

5x+4y<=1050                        y<= -5/4x+262.5

4x+8y<=1200                       y<=-1/2x+150



The inequalities to the right and the two at the bottom are graphed in the graph above.

Activity 2

5(138)+4(80)<=1050                                                            4(138)+8(80)<=1200

690+320<=1050                                                                    552+640<=1200

1010<=1050                                                                            1192<=1200


$1.20 Red HOt Sauce (x)
$1.00 Scorchin' Hot Sauce (y)





Maximum: $245.60 when producing 138 pints of the Red Hot Sauce and 80 pints of the Scorchin' Hot Sauce.

Activity 3

1 pint of tomato sauce with onions: $2.20

1 diced green pepper: $00.57

1 hot chili peppers, seeded & diced: $00.50

Cost of Producing 1 pint:

1 pint of Red hot Sauce:     $7.05
1 pint of Scorchin' Hot Sauce: $8.48

Sell Each pInt for...

Red Hot Sauce: $8.25
Scorchin' HOt Sauce: $9.48

ACtivity 4

In conclusion, it would be best for me to produce 75 pints on sauce each week. 24 of the 75pints would be shipped out to a speciality store while 60 pints will be shipped out every 4 weeks to a grocery store along with 288 pints every 8 weeks going to a supermarket chain.