John Rennie Scottish Civil Engineer

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John Rennie ?

John Rennie(7 June, 1761-- 4 October, 1821) was a Scottish Civil Engineer, he was known by designing many canal, bridges and docks. Most of his creation were still visible in UK and Scotland

Rennie was a farmer's younger son, born in Phantassie near Scotland.

Rennie's Creations

  • the Crinan Canal
  • the Bell Rock Lighthouse
  • the entrance to Leith Docks, now a conserved environmental feature
  • the Berwick-upon-Tweed harbour works
  • bridges in Kelso, New Galloway, Newton Stewart, Mussel burgh and Bridge of Earn

John Rennie was one of the leading engineer in the industrial revolution.Spending most of his life to create lots of great Britain's infrastructure. These creation not only being very useful in society,but also inspired thousands of people in the industrial revolution having idea about new invention. Especially improved the way to create and design canal in the industrial revolution.


For the early years of John Rennie, he studied in a parish school of Prestonkirk Parish Church. After wards he went to the burgh school at Dunbar. In November 1780, he attended to the University of Edinburgh and studied for three years.


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