All About Me

My name is Tamara Vaca Diez. I am in 6th grade, in Santa Cruz Cooperative School. I have 3 brothers and sisters. Their names are Alvaro, Bruna, and Isabella. My mother's name is Ximena and my father's name is Alvaro like my father's. I have two dogs named Paris and Rome, they are chihuahuas. My favorite hobby is cooking and playing football. I practice at school volleyball and football. Every Tuesday's and Thursday's I go to my swimming classes at 6:00 till 7:00 p.m. My favorite singer is a band named Krewella and Antonia. My favorite food is Burger King and SalteƱas. My favorite actor is Channing Tatum, Adam Sandler and Amanda Seyfried. My favorite movies are Dear John, Tammy, 22 jump street, Letters to Juliet, and Lucy. What I like to do in summer is go to the pool with my friends and eat some ice cream.

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