BY; Juan Martinez Period 1

I had a different design for my picture. The lemniscate graph was hard for me to do and it was complicated to find the right equation . Instead of using lemniscate graphs i used circles. Another change that i made was that i rotated the rose and used the sin equation. Another change that i made was to use less circles going around the rose. I used the circles to shift around half or the rose.The three types of graphs that i used were the circles,lemniscate, and a rose.

A) I experimented by trying new graphs like the lemniscate and other circles   . T. I also used different equations to make the graphs like using the r=n. It was hard for me to do the lemniscate graph because I had to make the r by itself and square root the other side of the equation. The equation for the lemniscate graph is r2=n+x

b) while I was experimenting with this project I learned how to relate equations with different types of graphs. For example, equations for a circle, rose, and lemniscate. I lets bed how to do the rose graphs that i did know know how to do before. I figures out the math behind the lemniscate graph. Another thing that I learned was how to identify an equation and pair it up with it's graph.

c) I really liked working on this project because I got to show my artistic skills and also because I had the opportunity to design something was was pretty nice. Another reason why I liked this project was because it really helped me understand some types of graphs that I did not understand, like the lemniscate graph. This activity helped me prepare for worksheets and other homework that we are doing in class.

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