Dear know it all!

I am reading dear know it all it is a great book!

the characters so far are april, Sam, Michael, the reporter, mr. Couger the statue,and more to list.

so far what has happend is that April is going to a school football game, and when everyone gets there the game starts. at the end of the game a reporter comes to interview some people. then something bad happens someone stole MR. Couger the statue. April gets interviewed by the reporter because she thinks she knows who stole the statue. everyone thinks it is someone from the other football team. stay tuned to see who actually did it.

so far i really like the book, it is very funny like when April cant decide what to wear to the football game and she keeps making jokes like why cant a go naked haha that is why it is funny

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3 years ago

This is an effective summary of the major events, M. I can tell exactly what has happened in your story so far. Make sure that you check over your entry carefully. I'm not seeing ANY sentences that start with a capital letter. Is your SHIFT key broken??? ;) Make sure you capitalize the first word of each sentence. Also, I would love to hear what YOU think about these characters and the mystery. What do you think has happened? What do you think of April and her friends so far? What do you think about the way the author wrote the book? Is it interesting and detailed or funny? If it is, prove it with examples.