The Maya and the Toltec ruled Mesoamerica  for nearly nine centuries

This was the civilization at the Maya sometime around 800 the Maya civilization in the central Yucatan peninsula .the Maya build splendid temples an pyramids and developed a complicated calendar

The Maya were a farming people who cleared the dense rain forest developed farming and centered their culture in city-state. Maya civilization included much of central and southern Mexico.

Most of the Maya people were peasant farmers the lived on tiny plots or on terraced hills in the highlands  

They Maya also cultivated cacao trees, beans, fruits, etc.....

1 What were their cities like?

Tikal,Mazapan Uxmal and Copa.

2 What did they eat?

they did eat corn, squash, potatoes cassava and other vegetables.

3 How did they get food

The Mayans cultivated the land using the slash or cornfield. This form was to select an area of land between two and three acres.

4 How many people lived in their civilization?

100.000 people living in Tikal.

5 what kind of gods did they believe in?

Hunab o Hunab Ku, Itzam NáI, x Chel etc ....

6 What kind of stories did they tell?

The dwarf of Uxmal.

7 How did they build?

All Mayan constructions are based on the ancestral hut with bamboo walls and adobe, covered by a roof of palm leaves placed over a wooden frame.

8 How did they dress?

The men wore loincloths consisting of a piece of cotton in web form and sandals were made of skin.

The Mayan women wore a woven cotton blouse. And their heads and shoulders were covered with cotton shawl.

The kings wore a garment of large square cotton wrapped around her shoulders.

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