General Communication

General Communication Skills

The general communication skills would be valued as a nano technician. This is when you find it easy to communicate with any person you come into contact with in the right context, but for the right reasons such as, when it comes to getting your job done correctly, this might mean when you need help of some sort. This can be both verbal and non-verbal, for example having a conversation with someone or contacting them via email, but also you could contact them indirectly, such as leaving a note. Communication is the broadcast of information from one person to the other or between people through the use of the numerous ways such as sending emails, letter writing and radio.

Accuracy, use of technology and adapting.

Accuracy would be very useful as a nano technician, it would make the job easier because what you are dealing with is very, very small and it would help you to minimise mistakes while working. Accuracy would also be valued in all aspects of work, for example you do not want to get anything wrong whilst at work. It shows professionalism by being accurate; you would be a more valued employee if you got less wrong in the workplace.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to connect and relate with other people, both independently and in groups. People who have worked on increasing strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. These skills would be valued as a nano technician because verbal exchanges, distractions and speed of response would be valued attributes or annoyances.

In an office and work environment as a nano technician verbal exchange would be good interpersonal skills because communication is very much needed in both an office and working environment, even though nano technicians do not generally work in an office. Also, distractions could be costly to nano technician’s practices because any tiny mistakes could be very costly to nano parts. Speed of response is important because the ability to rapidly correct mistakes would be a very valued interpersonal skill. These would be used in a work scenario to make working practices easier and more accurate.

Communication in writing is important for general communication; it is one of the most common forms of communication in a workplace, after verbal communication. Spelling and grammar are key to written communication, it helps the reader to gather clearer information from the message. Also, alternative viewpoints are helpful in a nano technician’s practices, improvements can always be made, and these are generally devised from alternative points of view. Overall, communication in writing means distributing messages via email, letter, and note and may other written forms. Other things that would help in general communication would be guidelines; “smileys” (emoticons), grammar; spelling, structure, identifying relevance and relevant points.

In an office work scenario you may encounter distractions, back ground noise and lack of concentration. This could be due to other people in the work place causing distractions because they are making verbal exchanges and therefore causing a distraction to your working practices. Also, you may encounter back ground noise because you would not be the only person in the workplace, as a nano technician you would need support from other technicians so they would be generally communicating with each other, in order to avoid this they should communicate in certain areas where there is nothing important work wise occurring. In addition, lack of concentration would be encountered for any given reason, for example a tired nano technician would have as lack of concentration as well as a distracted nano technician. Overall, the majority of these are distractions caused by other people in the workplace, therefore to avoid this; work of importance should be done away from others where the technician can work at their optimum rate.

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