James Meredith

In 1933, a brave, strong, smart, a man from Kosciusko Mississippi was born. James Meredith,the first African American to enroll in university in Mississippi. First he about to enrolled in Jackson state university but they didn't accept him. His experiences at Ole Miss were described in his book wrote in 1966.When he got out he served in the Air Force in 1951-1960.When he was in the Air Force a white man told him he should've got shot for being black, Meredith filed a lawsuit charging racial discrimination.When he got out he began a  one protest racial violence .The march began in  Memphis, Tennessee. He stop his one protest and  started walking with Martin Luther King Jr.  The march began in Memphis and was scheduled to go to Jackson,Mississippi.Soon as Meredith walked into the MS he had got shot. He survived the bullet. When he got out Martin Luther King was shot, he started leading the march with Coretta

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