How does pollution affect the Earth?


What is pollution?

Pollution is very harmful to living things and some of them can include wastage, chemicals and gases. There are all different types of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution.

Water pollution

Water pollution is wastage and bits of broken things and the water is very dirty. It is also poisonous. It affects many things. It can cause deformed and poisoned fish so we can't eat them. certain chemicals leak into our water supplies then there is a disease. It can affect the Earth by killing food supplies and animals. If it poisons our water we have little less to drink. It can be caused by natural causes like volcanos, animal waste, silt storms and floods. It mostly occurs from human activity. It can be caused by littering, dumping, wastage, outing chemicals in the water, ships spilling water and many more things.

Air pollution

Air pollution is harmful gases that can kill many people and animals. It gets into our lungs so we can't breathe very well, air pollution also can make the Earth warmer, which can change the weather. The major thing about air pollutants is carbon dioxide because of the oxygen. Air pollution can get caused by smoking, cars smoke and smoke.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is loud noise that is very annoying. It interrupts your sleep, conversation and many more things. Noise pollution is also bad for your ears. It affects everyone by loud noises and sounds. Noise pollution affect sleep, eating habits, moods, concentration, ears and body functions like respiration and heart rate. Noise pollution can also affect many more things. It can even give you hearing loss!

Soil pollution

Soil pollution is wastes, dumping, soil, litter, chemicals all in the
soil. It can affect living things by all the chemicals in the ground it can
also effect animals by them thinking the litter is food. Soil pollution can
leak into water pollution which is not a good thing because you might be
drinking that water. Most of the litter or wastage might be made. It is not the
animals putting all this litter on the ground because if it was animals they
would be smart ad not eating the litter. It can effect can us by it leaking
into the water then us drinking it.


pollution can affect the Earth by poisoning our plants. If pollution keeps on going we might lose all our beautiful plants and also the wonderful animals may die. Its not good for later on in life. It poison the rivers and streams. It would make the world look terrible. It would make the climate very hot. Just thinking about it may seem like you don't care but when you experience it you will be surpprised!


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