Summative Assessment



Directions: Complete each statement below.

1. Jonathan Edwards was a ______minister (denomination).

2. Edwards entered Yale College when he was only ____years old.

3. The Great Awakening was a ______ which swept England in the late 1600s and moved to America in the early to mid 1700s.

4. The Great Awakening replaced complacency among believers with ___.

5. The Great Awakening's biggest significance was that it prepared America for ____ by teaching colonist that power of religion and government laid in their hands.

6. "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" was a _____hour sermon preached by Edwards during the First Great Awakening in America.

7. The purpose of the sermon was to ____.

8. Edwards's tone in the sermon was _____.

9. The main topic of the sermon was _____.

10. Edwards's call to action for his audience was _____.

Directions: Identify the following phrases as either a simile, personification, hyperbole or imagery.

11. "hell's wide gaping mouth open"

12. "The wrath of God is like waters that are damned for the present; they increase more and more, and rise higher and higher, till an outlet is given"

13. "There are black clouds of God's wrath now hanging directly over your heads, full of the dreadful storm, and big with thunder."

14. "you are ten thousand times more abominable in his eyes than the most hateful venomous serpent is in ours"

15. "his wrath toward you burns like fire"

Directions: Explain the meaning of the following passages in complete sentences.

16. "You probably are not sensible of this; you find you are kept out of hell, but do not see the hand of God in it; but look at other things, as the good state of your bodily constitution, your care of your own life, and the means you use for your own preservation. But indeed these things are nothing...they would avail no more to keep you from falling, than the thin air to hold up a person that is suspended in it.

17. "There is reason to think, that there are many in this congregation now hearing this discourse, that will actually be the subjects of this very misery to all eternity..."

18. "Their case is past all hope; they are crying in extreme misery and perfect despair; but here you are in the land of the living and in the house of God, and have an opportunity to obtain salvation. What would not those poor damned hopeless souls give for one day's opportunity such as you now enjoy!

Directions: Give the definition of the word indicated in each sentence.

19. According to Edwards's sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", the people were facing the vengeance of God. What does vengeance mean in this sentence?

20. Edwards was preaching to the unconverted people in his congregation. What does unconverted mean?

21. According to Edwards, even a person's best contrivance cannot keep them out of hell. What does the word contrivance mean?

22. In Edwards's sermon, he said that God was incensed by the sinners. What does incensed mean?

23. It has been recorded that as many were listening to Edwards's sermon they gave out lamentable cries for their own condition in the world. What does lamentable mean?

24. According to Edwards, sinners have provoked God to anger. What does provoked mean?

Directions: Answer the following question in complete sentences.

25. Edwards's sermon was filled with figurative language, exclamatory sentences, and repetition of words like wrath and fire. Why did Edwards used this figurative language, exclamatory sentences, and repetition in his sermon?

BONUS (5 points each)

1. Edwards had several occupations. Give three of his occupations.

2. When the Church of England was established as the reigning church, it lead to stability since everyone practiced the same religion, but it also lead to complacency among believers. Explain what this means.