End of Year Project

Pursasive Essay

     The world needs good people because then we would be living in khaos.

     If the good people just gave up then there would be no control. Because what's the world without the villan and superhero. There would never be justice. Those helping hands won't be there anymore.

     With good people comes good decisions. With these good decisions it can change the way of seeing things. With just a couple of good people you can show another side of the world. Another side that bad decisions have hidden.

     Some people may say that the worlds fine. But most these people are the ones living in the crime or are blind. They don't mind it. They will use any excuse to make goods look bad because there stick in an illusion.

     In conclusion people need a see the bigger better picture. Stop hiding behind the doors and put out something. Because that little bit of good can make a whole difference.

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern,

    I am Ashley Bautista and i am recomending Brittney Garcia . I am doing this because she is a very close friend and her work ethic is very good. I have know her since elementary till today. I feel qualified to write this letter because i of all people have worked in school with her and been around jer for quite awhile now to know her and most her ways.

     I feel she is qualified because shes a very hard worker and wbatever she pits her mind to she gets it done. She always is with a positive attitude. She gets along with every body and has LOTS of  patience.  I am providing this letter because I feel she has so much talent for cosmetology and this school will help her out very much to enhance her skills.

        Brittney is very skilled in makeup and hair. She does it not only  on her self but others. She loves providing for others. If she can help in any way she will. She's been practicing makeup and hair and shown interest in it as long as I know her.

     I highly recommend Brittney Garcia because she has worked so hard to get where she is. This school could benefit her so much. If the school wants some one hard working she is that. She will put 100 percent effort to get were she wants. Therefore this school will do just that.

     I really think Brittney Garcia would be good for your organization. I know she would love to be part of it as well. For anymore information feel free to contact me at (915)-634-5499. Or at ashley0553@gmail.com.



Letter of Intent

                     Bautista Ashley Nicole

                        403 Valley Verde

                Las Angles California 63305

May 18, 2015

Ashley N Bautista


405 Alameda

Las Angles California 6330

Dear Rodrigo J Sanchez,

     I am a very psionet person for hair and makeup. I would love a position in doing hair and makeup on customers. I am friendly and caring.

     I have done girls makeup and hair on the past  in the side of school for Quinces e.t.c. People have recommended me after me doing there hair and makeup. I can offer lots of business to your store. Simply because I am a peoples person. Also because I know lot of people interested in makeup and such. I just love working in this type of position and would be glad if you would give me a chance.

    There for, I hope you see something in me. I would be honored to have a place in sephora doing what I love for me and for others. Because I have worked so hard to get here. Thank you.




Ashley N Bautista


403 Tijuana Dr.



OBJECTIVE- my objective is to get in a good salon to better my skills and my self as a person. As well provide a service i can to the community.

EDGUCATION- Lujan Cahnvez Elementary (years): 7 accomplishments: soccer track A/B honnor roll.  Sun Ridge Middle Scool (years): 3 accomplishments: soccer A/B honnor roll. El Dorado High Dchool (years): 1 accomplishments:--

EXPERIENCE- worked at nueva salon , had my own chair

SKILLS- makeup, hair, helping other, patience, caring, friendly.