The center POINT of the image is the setting sun
This Image shows a nice, curved, and relaxing LINE.
These pencils show a large variety of COLOR and make a nice radial shape.
This shows the VALUE of the image change as the Brightness setting is changed on an image
This image shows multiple lines putting together a few SHAPES
The three objects have different FORMS and are made of different lines and shapes
This image has lots of empty SPACE along the wall and floor
This rock shows a rough, jagged TEXTURE on this face
This garden area has a perfect BALANCE if split down the middle
The birds blue feathers make in stand out or puts EMPHASIS on it
Similar to Emphasis, the red ball shows CONTRAST and stands out
The colors create a very appealing and fancy RHYTHM
The difference in height of the Human to the Washington Monument show great PROPORTION
The cluster of chicks shows them as one large unit UNITED together
The simple picture simply shows a white background with a bike, showing an ECONOMY image
This illusion shows a RADIAL SYMMETRY
This pile of M&Ms shows a large VARIETY
This simplistic TYPOGRAPHY can be used to show size to location of all major countries
This image shows different angles of shapes like TRIANGLES. It shows OBSTUSE and ACUTE angles.
This image shows a PRISM that alters light rays.

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