Elements and Principles of Design

Visual Design Elements

This image has a central point in the center, which everything else is revolving around. The central point in this image has position but no dimension and is used to indicate a position, which in this case is the center of the picture.

Here, these horizontal lines are used in such a way that they almost resemble waves, which further enables the scene to have a calm and peaceful feel to it, because often time people find watching and hearing waves as relaxing.

Color is used in this image to portray hair and color is also used along with the use of multiple lines to create movement and flow.

Value is used in this picture to portray depth, and indicate the location of a light source.

This picture picture used lines to outline to shape of a man. This picture is an example of organic shapes because of the trees that are made in the background as well as the moon and the waves.

This picture has form because of the careful use of value that gives this image depth on a 2D surface.

This image used space to portray two different picture of a vase and two faces. The spacing of the two faces help to identify the vase.

A rough texture can be found in this photo through the use of the rope and how it is woven.

Principles of Design

There is symmetrical balance in this picture and the use of symmetry in this image helps to portray balance.

The flower is emphasized in this photo by making the background of this picture black and white and enhancing the colors of the flower.

Aside from the photo saying contrast, there is contrast in this photo through the use of black and white, which creates a relative difference between the elements.

The repetitive use of lines and dots, and different patterns help to create a harmonious but random rhythm.  

The relative size of the fisherman compared to the size of the fish shows proportion, and makes the fish seem relatively large compared to the fisherman and his boat.

The picture includes the use of colors, texture, patterns, and value to create a complete and harmonious picture which gives the picture unity.

This image only used one color and the use of simple lines and shapes to create the picture of two hands shaking.

Unit 5 Key Terms

This image has points that are around a boundary and are all equidistant from the center making this shape a circle with numerous circles on the inside.

Because this shape has 90 degree angles ,it is a rectangle.

This shape is a square because it has 90 degree and angles and all the sides are equal. A square is also considered a rectangle

This shape is a triangle because it has three sides.

This shape is a cylinder because it is composed of two congruent circles in parallel planes, and all the lines segments parallel to the axis with endpoints on the two circles.

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