5 Picture Story

By: Nicole Hamilton

It was about 6:45 when I glanced out the window. The sun was just starting to set and the view was breathtaking. It was like a perfect end to a day. The calming view made me want to go outside and watch the sunset. Wandering to my fridge, I reached in to grab an apple. "Great!" I mumbled to myself, " a trip to town." This was not what I needed. I snatched some money off the table and headed out.

As my drive grew longer, the darkness started to take over. A chill ran down my spine, so I quickly turned the volume knob up on my car. I get to the store and grab an apple. “Just one” I think, and grab a lone apple from the dozens of others. Finally I check out and headed to my car for the 15 minute drive home. Trying to keep my mind occupied, I turn the music up louder. Why was I getting this feeling? Maybe it will pass, who knows? I reach my driveway and stroll up to my home and go inside at 9:45. Then a movie and a bag of popcorn later I realize its 11:50, so I head to bed. I sunk into bed after a long day, closing my eyes to a deep sleep. Not tossing, nor turning.

After a couple hours of sleeping, I wake up. My eyes adjusting to the never-ending blackness that fill my pupils. I get a strange feeling. Something is watching me, and I know it. I still couldn’t see anything yet. I glance at my alarm clock which reads 1:55 A.M. Then I finally realize I am being watched. A figure is watching me with its deathly stare. It’s eyes reflect, giving it a demon like glow. Do I move, or just stare? Can it see me? I’m trying to control my fear, because demons can sense fear right? So I sit there, awaiting my painful death. Will my death be quick, or will I suffer through it all? I close my eyes, hoping the creature with the glaring eyes will leave, but no, it gets worse. Its eyes are piercing into my soul. I can feel the hate penetrating off of it and into me.Its time for me to man up. I need to move before I go mad. So, I slowly make my way to the light switch hoping that it doesn’t eat me alive. I finally found it and not taking my eyes off the creature, flip the switch.

My cat. It was my cat the whole time. The whole hour I wasted was all put upon this cat. I looked at him now, so small and innocent. I started laughing, harder and harder. I think the nerves had gotten the best of me. I glance over at him again with my blurred vision.

He came over and leapt on my bed. He wasn’t demonic after all.

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