An ordinary questionnaire for an EXTRAordinary  website

Q: What is your website used for?

A: It is used for recent video game news and social media.

Q: How is your website a social media website?

A: People can follow others, buy games, comment on news, and D.Y.H people.

Q: What does D.Y.H stand for?

A: D.Y.H stands for "Did You Hear." It's like a notification of sorts.

Q: Do you expect the public to like this site?

A: I don't expect it to be as popular as Facebook, but I do expect some people to like it.

Q: What about the hatres?

A: Do you mean haters?

Q: Yes, yes, what about the haters?

A: Well, they can hate all they want! If I catch them, they will be blocked.

Q: How do I make an account?

A: You click in the top right corner, then you type in your email and password, then you type your birth date and birth year, finally, click sign up.

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