Civil war journal

Steven Smith

Journal entry 1

I am Steven Smith. I am forty-two years old and fight for the north. I live in Indiana with my wife Betty and four sons and I command for the Union. I am a general. I came from Virginia but moved to the north (Indiana) because I don't believe in slavery. Three of my sons live in Virginia and fight for the confederacy, I hope they realize that slavery is bad. I have no daughters and was a general before I moved to the north.

This is me

This is my uniform

Journal entry 2

John: That Arkansas toothpick is huge!

Paul: I know, I bought it with all the money I saved up before the war. I could do any job, I was a chef, cook and bottle washer.

John: No wonder you're the top rail #1, you must have horse sense. In fact I heard a rumor that you're going to be a bugger!

Paul: Yup, that means a couple more greenbacks will be coming my way.

John: I hope you're good, I want to get rid of these gray backs, if I had the chance I would get all of them with my pepperbox

Paul: Don't be too cocky, last time we fought it was close.

John: We still made the southerners skedaddle!

(Suddenly general Steven approaches Paul)

Steven: Paul your fit as a fiddle and a hard case, I'm promoting you to officer.


                                                                      THE END

Journal entry 3

Dear Martha,

     Commanding has been hard, I almost feel bad for the green recruits. They wake up, drill, eat, drill, eat again, drill, take a break,  eat, then drill again. We all thought this would be a quick war and the south would lose quickly but after Bull Run I realized this may take a while. The boys are well, they have to drill a lot. What's it like at home? We haven't seen any action, a lot of the recruits want to. When soldiers don't do something they are humiliated. They may march around with a log or even wear a barrel. We are currently in Tennessee.

From Steven.

This is mainly what what I eat for breakfast.

Journal entry

1) Q. Jeremiah, when you chose to stay home with your mother,

what caused you to make that choice?

A. My mom was sick and my brother was leaving so I had to stay home, I couldn't leave her alone. Another reason I didn't leave is because I needed to take care of the land.

2) Q. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

A. I am proud of a few things. One thing is staying home with my mom. If I hadn't stay home she might have died earlier and had been alone. I'm also proud of joining the Union army. I have learned that slavery is bad and that it had to end.

3) Q. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

A. I wish I had convinced my brother to join the Union. I never saw him after he left. Maybe we would live together if he had joined the Union. I miss him.

4) Q. Jeremiah, How did the hungry troops react to southern farms?

A. The troops took all the food from the farms and sometimes burned them just to prove to the south they could do whatever they want.

This is a picture I found at a confederate camp, they are playing cards

Journal entry 5

Dear, Robert

Camp life has been pretty dull recently. All I do is play cards with my officers and colonels. We don't even bet money. It's not aloud. I would play some of the games that the privates play but they are immature and people would think badly of me. All of the lower ranked soldiers get pickled beef, I however, get somewhat fresher meat and vegetables. For fun, sometimes, when I have time and it's warm I hunt. It kills time and gets us fresh food.

Journal entry 6

One time i was eatin my peas

oh yeah

they tasted soo good

tasted so good

then the confederates came started shooting at us

shootin at us

we were firing back and we ran out ammo

out of ammo

so I used my peas and shot em all

(Chorus) em all

(Chorus) The peas didnt work, and we all died

(Chorus) all died

(Chorus) all died That's how we won the war

1862 was when it happened.

The south wants slaves

The union wants freedom


the south is going to lose



the union is going to win.

This is a painting of one of the battles I commanded.

Journal entry 7

We just came back from a battle. We won, but it doesn't seem like it. When I got back to camp I saw some things I wish I could forget. I passes by the hospital and heard screaming and saw a doctor amputating a leg in front of the hospital for everyone to see. I hadn't been in the hospital so I decided to go inside. Worst mistake ever. Bodies covered the floor, have were bloody and lifeless. Men were coughing and dying everywhere I looked. Nurses were giving them water, it was brown though. Everything was dirty. I really hope I do not get injured.

This is me and the what's left of my family when I returned.

Journal entry 8

I finally got to go home and see my family! I didn't get to see my boys that live in the south, I fear that I may never see them again.  Everyone in the town was waiting to congratulate the soldiers. It's been for years since I've been in this town. I am the happiest I have ever been in a long time. There was pies and cakes and every food you could imagine. Everyone was dancing and laughing. I feel bad for the former confederates. I hear many of them don't have a town or family to go back to. So many towns were destroyed, I myself saw many destroyed.


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