Gay Parents: What Is The Difference?

By Kaitlyn Magnuson, 2nd Period

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Why are Gay Parents a Controversial Topic?

It's controversial because many individuals believe same-sex couples are not capable of properly raising a child and will force their views and sexuality on their children so that they will become homosexuals themselves.  A major argument against gay parents is that a child must have a biological mother and father if they are to develop well. It is also a controversial topic because many people and some states don't acknowledge gay marriage and equal rights.

The state of same-sex marriage, as of Jan. 6, 2015. (The Washington Post)


The history of allowing gay parents to raise families begins with homosexuals and same-sex couples. Similar to any couple or heterosexual, they wish to fall in love and when they do fall in love they want the same privileges heterosexual couples have: being able to marry legally and raise families.

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Pro: Children raised by same-sex parents develop just as well as children of heterosexual parents. Same-sex parents are not likely to force their sexuality on their children meaning children of same-sex couples are not more likely to "become" homosexuals. Children with same-sex parents are in fact more open-minded and accepting of others.

Against: The opposing side believe children raised by same-sex couples are more likely to be influenced by their caretakers and "become" homosexuals. The opposing also believe a child can not develop well without their biological mother and father.

My Position

I am for gay parents starting families and raising children. It is against the foundations that this country was founded on to prohibit people from marrying and raising families simply based on their sexual orientation. It tarnishes the idea of equal rights because there is no situation in which all people can be equal if we discriminant against people's sexual orientation.  Same-sex couples are just as capable of raising  happy, well-developed children as heterosexual couples are.

The Future

If this issue of not allowing equal rights is not solved it can impact the future of society negatively. Younger generations will still believe it is justified to discriminant against others that are different from them and will believe that certain people are superior to others just because of their sexual orientation. Gay rights (the right to marry and start families) needs to be allowed and enforced to finally get one step closer to equal rights for all.

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