Ryan McClung S&E Marketing Final

Top 3 Marketing strategy's music marketers should use and why.

1.They should connect with their fans by posting pictures,videos,and messages so that there fans can talk to them and that can help to get more fans because the more they can connect to their fans the better chance they have at getting their fans that think that the band/singer are nice instead of jerks to be fans forever.

2.They should stay away from the big record label and do some research to find the record label that has the least chance of screwing them over and making it so that the band/singer owes them money and in turn goes into debt to the record label like 30 seconds to mars.

3.Play in a lot of concerts so that your fans can see you in person and that your fans can see you while your singing in person and can interact with you. That is very important to building your fan base. Like how Bon Jovi did a lot of concerts and they have a lot of fans.

most important thing for artists to remember if they try to make a career without a label.

To me I feel that the most important thing that the artists to remember if they think that they are going to go without a label is that they will need to try really hard to keep getting noticed so that they don't get forgotten also i think that they probably wont have the money to get the exposure they will need to get any money to stay singers / songwriters. Another thing is that they might not have the resources to be able to sell any Cd's or even make any Cd's or to even get in touch with the stores to be able to sell your Cd's across the world or even just the USA. That's what i think is the most important thing for the artists to remember.

Link and summary of a story about artists and how it relates.


a band named cake decided that they were gonna do their own label.they left Columbia records in 2004 because they didn't want to be in a major record label any more.

Adviser whose hired to help promote.

In my marketing plan the first thing I will do is have a bunch of posters made up and have them distributed through out the world and i will also be selling them on our website. the second thing i will do is have a bunch of Cd's made up and like the last thing i will have them distributed through out the world and i will have them on our website. I will not charge them too much money either. I'm only taking 75% of all the profit.

If you ran your own amusement park what value would you offer to encourage people to stay longer?

I would have a food court in the middle of it so people wouldn't have to leave to get food. I would also put in some covered ride as well as a building for when ever it is raining. so this way people can have fun then when it rains they can either take a brake or they can still play out on the covered rides. the covered rides won't be big bad roller coasters but they will be smaller rides kinda like kid rides but adults can ride them also. The food court will have simple foods like burgers nachos etc. we will carry a great selection of pop and we will be selling bottled water at a cheap price. That is what i would do so this way they have no excuse to leave because of weather unless they run out of money.

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