Ned Kelly Hero, Victim or Villain?

By Ainslee Togia

Many believe that Ned Kelly was considered a hero for doing things like saving a boy drowning in a lake and always protecting and watching out for his family. However throughout most of Ned's life he was arrested for many crimes against stealing cattle, pigs and horses and murdering police officers so I strongly believe that Ned Kelly would be classified as a villain.

Many of the towns people did not like or appreciate the things that Ned had done or participated in. In fact most towns people were very frightened by him. Ned participated in many murders. These killings include the murder of constable Lonigan, Sergeant Kennedy and constable Scanlon at Stringybark Creek. Many other murders include the death of Aaron Sherritt, and the Glenrowan shoot out involving as many as 47 police officers, with more reinforcements arriving over the 2 days.

Not only was Ned known as a cold blooded murderer, Ned was also a thief. Ned and his gang participated in many stealing's of Cattle, Pig and horses. Ned was also involved in 2 bank robberies. Their strategy involved the taking of hostages and robbing bank safes. After the robbery at Euroa Ned Kelly and his gang stole £700 in notes, £300 in gold, £1,500 in paper, £300 worth of gold dust and nearly £100 worth of silver. Ned and his gang then participated in their second bank robbery at Jerilderie, where they got the key off the bank manager and found £1450. Ned was also involved in stealing 280 horses.

In conclusion, Ned was a threat and villain to the townspeople across Victoria. He stole money from banks to stealing cattle and horses from innocent farmers. Ned also participated in the many shootings of 8 police officers and 2 innocent children. I strongly believe that Ned Kelly was and always will be known as a villain.

Fitzpatrick Incident

On the 15th April 1878 Constable Fitzpatrick set off to the Kelly house to arrest Dan Kelly for horse stealing. Fitzpatrick arrived at the Homestead house and found Dan open the door. "I've come to arrest you against charges for horse stealing!" said the Constable. Dan asked Fitzpatrick of he could finish up his plate of stew. Fitzpatrick agreed. Constable Fitzpatrick then took a seat beside Kate who was cradling who new born baby sister in her arms. While still drunk Fitzpatrick leaned his sweaty face over towards Kate. Smelling the brandy on his breath and the disgusting smell on his shirt Kate quickly pushed him away. Fitzpatrick fell back onto the chair, reached out and grabbed Kate's arm and pulled her back onto his lap. Dan and Ellen (Dan's mum) quickly rushed into the room where the situation was occurring. Fitzpatrick threw Kate onto the floor in front of him as he stood up. Kate's mum began screaming abuse at the police officer, and then grabbed the coal shovel and hit Fitzpatrick on his helmet. While still struggling to get his revolver out of his holster, Dan dived for the gun. While Fitzpatrick was on the ground the door swung open and Ned was standing at the door. There was a flash and a crack as the gun went off. Fitzpatrick let out a loud scream. Ned and Dan were holding Fitzpatrick down and held both guns at his head. "Touch my sister again! There'll be a bullet through your head" said Ned in anger and rage.

Kate Kelly

15th April 1878. My day hadn't seem much different to all the others. Mother and I had finished washing the sheets and making quince jam. We had just finished eating our dinner. I was cradling my baby sister in my arms, while mum was heaping coals on the fire around the bread she was baking for Dan.Dan had arrived home late so he was still eating his dinner.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I waited a bit for Dan to get up and answer it, but he hadn't yet moved. He was still busy eating his stew. I gently placed the baby back into her cradle and sighed. The person at the door decided to knock, although a bit louder. Dan finally got up and walked to the door, still holding his knife and fork in his hand. "Can't a man eat his stew in peace" he yelled.Dan opened the door to find Constable Fitzpatrick at the door from Benalla. I had met him before at one of our sports day carnivals. I believe he was quite handsome if you asked me. "I have come to arrest you for stealing horses!" Fitzpatrick said.

Dan looked back at mother and I. Fitzpatrick didn't even bother taking off his helmet. How rude I thought. Dan asked Constable Fitzpatrick if he could finish off his stew. Fitzpatrick agreed and decided to wait inside the house. Once Dan had finished his dinner he went to get his coat. Mum followed him while complaining about how Dan didn't need to go if Fitzpatrick didn't have a warrant.

At the moment I was still cradling the baby in my arms. I believe that Fitzpatrick must have been drinking before he came to visit. He leaned over my shoulder to stare at the baby. I could smell his disgusting alcoholic breath. His sweat was dripping everywhere. I quickly pushed Fitzpatrick away and yelled "Do not touch me again!" Fitzpatrick then grabbed me by the arm and sat me down on his lap. I pushed him away and screamed! Mum and Dan came racing into the room.

Fitzpatrick threw me onto the floor as he stood up. Mum began yelling nasty words at him. She then picked up a shovel and brought it down on Fitzpatrick's head. I could faintly see Fitzpatrick still stumbling to get his gun out of his holster. Dan quickly ran for the revolver. At this moment the door had flung open. Standing in the doorway stood my other brother Ned. Ned shot his gun (not harming anyone). Fitzpatrick screamed like a girl. Dan and Ned held Fitzpatrick pointing their guns towards his head and said "If you ever touch my sister again. You'll have this bullet go straight through your head!"

Ellen Kelly

Kate and I have just finished making our quince jam, folding the sheets and I had finished making our dinner which we have already eaten. Dan has arrived home late so he is still eating his dinner. I'm still baking Dan's bread to eat with his stew. There's a sudden knock at the door. Dan doesn't even bother looking up, he's still eating his stew. I could see Kate sigh and look at Dan thinking he would get up to open the door. Kate puts the baby down back into her cradle (a box with 4 cans beneath). Dan then gets up with his knife and fork in his hands to open the door. To our surprise its Constable Fitzpatrick! "I am here to arrest you Dan Kelly for charges against stealing horses!" Says Fitzpatrick. "Where's your warrant?" I ask the constable. "What warrant?" he replies. "The warrant saying what Dan had done wrong?". "I don't have one at the moment ". Says Fitzpatrick. "Well then there is no need for Dan to leave, if you do not have any proof!" I replied. "Now Mrs. Kelly I have seen the warrant with my own eyes and know that he has done wrong! Now let's go Dan!" "Just let me get my coat" Dan replies. Dan then walks down to his room to get his coat. I walk down beside him complaining that he had no reason to go if Fitzpatrick had no warrant, this is all just stupidity! Meanwhile I had forgotten I had left Fitzpatrick alone with Kate. Suddenly I hear loud scream which sounded much like Kate. Dan and I quickly race to the scene. I was outraged, furious much annoyed at this police officer. I was so angry I began yelling words of abuse at this low self esteemed police officer. While he had stood up he pushed Kate off his lap and threw her onto the floor in front of him. I quickly grabbed the shovel and hit Fitzpatrick on the head as hard as I could. Fitzpatrick fell to the ground. He still wasn't unconscious although I could see him trying to take out his revolver from his holster. Dan quickly dived for the revolver and snatched it out of Fitzpatrick's hands. Suddenly the door flung open. Standing at the doorway was my son Ned Kelly. Boy, was I happy to see him. Ned went to help Dan try and hold him down. Dan and Ned held both guns to Constable Fitzpatrick's head and said in a threatening voice "If you dare touch any of my family members this bullet will go straight through your head!"

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