Canadian Tourism Poster

Chase Severin HR:3 Geography

Who are the Canadians

Canada has a bunch of ethnic groups they are French, European, English others can trace there heritage to Germany, Italy ,and the Ukraine as well as Africa and Asia.

The First Nations

They are descendants of the arctic north Asian tribes such as Inuit, Cree, Micmac, Abenaki, and Ojibwe

Canadian Government

Canada has 2 branches of government Judiciary and Legislative the Legislative aspect is called Parliament and focuses 0n laws and policies the people can vote for things such as the prime minister the Judiciary branch focuses on following threw with the laws that parliament make

Canadas Economy

Canada has many natural resources including gold which is one of there main sources of money along with lumber, fish, and furs they use all of these in their trading with america and south america/central america their transportation can be easy or difficult depending whether they have corridors like rivers for lumber or barriers like mountains for driving

Canadas Arts

People of the arts in Canada are paid by the government Canada has a lot of the same t.v shows and movies as we do some Canadian actors are Jim Carey, Micheal Cera, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogan, and Mike Myers

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