Career Research Project

Physical Fitness Education
Makenna Stephenson

Necessary Job Skills:  Athletic skills, Motivational skills, Organization skills, and Teaching skills

Educational Requirements: Typically you need to complete a degree in Health and Physical Education at a four year college or university. A Bachelors degree and a degree in teaching are needed as well as a Masters. Some classes that I can take are Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Health and Wellness classes, activity classes,a number of Teaching PE/Health Method Classes and Student teaching or Internships.

Description of College:

This college will provide me a good education as well as experience. The campus is near many things that can benefit me in my education. My sister attends here and so I have been there many times and the campus is beautiful. There are many things around the campus and town such as many parks, cute little shops, and cafe type places to work at.

The Words I Live By:

The words i live by were said by my middle school track/cross country coach ,Mr. Ehlert. He always told us to "get comfortable being uncomfortable" and to "never stop and keep pushing through". These have helped me in life because when i'm in a situation were i feel like i'm going to give up i remember what he told me.

My Role Model:

My role model is my mom. She is the most athletic person i know and she is always doing something good for others. My mom work at Northside Elementary School with special needs as an aid. Often times she comes home exhausted and you can tell her patience for the day is gone. But that doesn't seem to matter because she is just as happy as when she left to go to school. She is faced with new challenges everyday that test her limits and giver her new experiences. You can tell she is proud of what she does and how many young kids she is helping.

Not only is she benefiting the kids lives but our families as well. My mom is always encouraging me to do my best and to work twords my goals. Our house is filled with healthy food and the meals she makes don't always look edible, but i'm glad. She inspires me to be a better person and to make the best of any situation.

Quotation Sandwich:

PE teachers can help kids grow up with the knowledge of how to live a healthy, active lifestyle. In this article describing the life of a PE teacher, Roddel states, "I teach children. I teach them how to make decisions that impact their bodies and their lives." Being a  PE teacher is more than playing with kids all day. You have to keep their attention as well as make sure they don't get hurt. You are a teacher, not just a person who plays games all day. Your teaching them fairness and that winning isn't everything. They're being taught life lessons just using games to do it.


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