Amendment 25

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What is my Amendment About

My amendment was made just in case the president is removed from office or because he died or resignation if that happens the Vice President shall become President.Also if there was ever a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall pick a Vice President who shall take office after a vote by the majority of votes from both Houses of Congress.

Why was Amendment 25 Proposed?

The Twenty-fifth Amendment was proposed in order to clarify what happens if  the death, removal, or resignation of the President or Vice President and how the Presidency is filled in if the president is disabled or cannot do his responsibilities.

When was the 25 Amendment Ratified?

The 25 amendment was ratified February 10, 1967. 1 year 7 months 4 days was how long it took .

What Changes Were Created After it Was Passed?

Some of the changes made after the 25 amendment was passed were: The 25th Amendment gives presidential authority to the Vice President if he is mentally or physically handicapped.

How people Can Remember the 25 amendment...

People can rember the 25 amendment by remembering how president Kennedy was assianated because the amendment was passed a couple of years after he was killed.