Supranational Organizations

What are Supranational Organizations?

A supranational organization is an entity composed of three or more states that forge an association and form an administrative structure for mutual benefit and in pursuit of shared goals.

What's the point?

Because supranational organizations share similar goals they can all work together to achieve these goals. This mainly consists of keeping peace between states, but can also other services to help matin stability within its states, such as providing financial aid.

Enforcing Standards

Supranational organization can accomplish these goals by enforcing guidelines the states must comply to. Failure to do so may result in peacekeeping action by the organization.

Some Examples

The modern idea of supranationalism was created by united states president, Woodrow Wilson, after world War I. He proposed an international organization that included all the countries in the world. This was known as the League of Nations, and was not a great success, because several states left or refused to join, including the United States. Even though it failed, it inspired many other supranational organizations. This included the UN (United Nation), which has grown tremendously since its creation in 1947. Today there are very few states that are not part of the United Nations.

This Prezi has some more information about supranational Organizations

Here's an example of some supranational organizations throughout the world.


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