15 and 9

                                                                  By Zac calvetti

It takes your breathe away
to just see it
my heart skips a beat
I just stare
I cant think

Its the biggest one ive seen
12 points? 13?  nope 14 points
my mind is going crazy
dont miss it says don't miss

I pick up the gun
look down the scope
line it up
there it is

my hand starts to shake
I get butter flys
im in slow motion
but it happens instantly

I have it lined up
I pull the trigger slowly
my ears start to ring
Its hard to see what happened

I race down to the deer
Its about 50 yards away

Ill always remember that day

waking up at 3:00 in the morning
getting ready
being cold and wet
I got my biggest buck

when I was 9 years old

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