equal oppurtunities

This is giving a chance for a job to anyone without discriminating them, no matter what on their: gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability.

health and safety

This is making sure the work place is safe enough to work in without sustaining an injury. An example of this could be a spillage, reactive chemicals and dangerous machinery.

equal pay

In some cases men are paid more than women even when they are doing the same job, so equal pay is between men and women.

minimum/living wage

In the UK the minimum wage for 13-21 year olds is £5.03 an hour whilst for over 21 year olds it is £6.31. Many have suggested a living wage which is about £8.00 an hour because with the minimum wage it is very difficult to live without always worrying about bills etc.

hours of work

The maximum hours for someone to work in a week is 48 hours unless agreed between employer and employee.

sickness pay

If off work for more than 4 days in a row then you are entitled to statutory pay .


Everyone is entitled to 26 days holiday in which they are paid for.


When pregnant a women is allowed 26 weeks of maternity leave in which they are paid for, as of April 2015 a male is entitled to share the leave with their partner.