Math in a Minute: Photo Edition

Volume 3: Issue 10

Here are some pictures of what is going on at our elementary campuses in Coppell ISD!

This "Wonder Board" generates a lot of discussion and debate!
Kids give a thumbs up to show that they agree! Great formative assessment!
Numbers with a ten frame, the word and the number!
A bubble map was created by a group to describe money.
This class discusses their feelings about the content areas. The paper on the side indicates how confident they are with the objective.
Kindergarteners are responsible for getting their own materials.
This anchor chart explains part + part = whole.
The kids drew their own face to represent themselves on this pumpkin seed graph.
This educator displays the essential questions and enduring understandings.
The accuracy and efficiency of this strategy is discussed.
This is an anchor chart for multiply decimals.
Cups are used to group seeds by hundreds, tens and ones.
These learners are using whiteboards to practice their strategy involving number lines.
This students is coming up with I wonder questions after reading the Boorito challenge on yummy math.
A string acts as a number line. Notecards can easily be moved on the number line.