Life of  a Star Tackk


My star, Shardavion IV had a very boring life as a nebula. Shardavion IV spent lots of time as a nebula. Shardavion IV had a limited amount of mass in it's nebula so it became a low mass star.


Once Shardavion IV was a protostar it was waiting to have enough mass for fusion. My star didn't appear very bright because it was surrounded by dust. My star then starts to emit infrared and microwave radiation.

Main Sequence Star

Once Shardavion IV was a main sequence star he was feeling pretty big and tough. He had a long life before him and he liked it. As a main sequence star Shardavion IV was on his way to becoming a Red giant and he was excited!

Red Giant

Once Shardavion IV was a Red Giant he knew his life was coming to a close. Shardavion IV's core is beginning to  collapse and he feels said. He begins to cool down and he is now a quiet old man.

Planetary Nebula

Eventually Shardavion IV became a Planetary Nebula. He didn't really care mainly because he had no sense left. He was a very old man and no longer functioned properly. He began to die and didn't care because he was a star vegetable by then.

White Dwarf

As a white dwarf Shardavion IV lived the rest of his life as a sad and quiet little dude. He was gloomy and not very bright. (joke :P) Shardavion IV had exhausted all of his fuel and was tired all the time. Sadly, now he is basically waiting to die.

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