Visual Design in Sports
By: Brandon Taylor

Example of point. Many points are used to compose the image of a zero.
Example of line. The lines on a football field define the boundary of the field.
Example of color. The color draws the attention of the viewer to the uniform.
Example of value. The green color draws eyes towards the player instead of the black background.
Example of shape. This shows the shape of a soccer ball, as round and circular.
Example of form. This picture shows the football and its curves along with a shadow to show how big it is.
Example of space. There is spce in between the ground and the player to imply depth and add less clutter to the photo.
Example of texture. The strands on the edge of the tennis ball show it to be fuzzy and worn out.
Example of balance. This shows a form of informal balance because the softball is bigger than the baseball.
Example of emphasis. The action being done by the player draws the whole focal point towards himself.
Example of contrast. Since the basketball player is taller than the kids there is more emphasis towards him since he stands out to the eye.
Example of rhythm. The specifically is random rhythm because there is a lot happening on one side of the picture and it is showing movement
Example of proportion. This picture is out of proportion because the head of the fighter is a lot bigger then his body is.
Example of unity. The consistency of the players in a circle while in a huddle conveys a sense of completeness.
Example of economy. This is a basic photo of a basketball hoop; it doesn't use too many colors
Example of symbol. This is the logo/symbol for the NFL which is well know throughout the world.
Example of a pictograph. This is a symbol/picture for a swish which is said in basketball games when a perfect shot is made.
Example of gestalt. When you first see this picture you have to see the whole thing, then you see that there is a soccer player in it.
Example of variety. This shows a multitude of different sports that can/are played throughout the world.
Example of radial symmetry. The stadium is symmetric all throughout and is in a circular/oval design.

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