The Taxonomy of a
Box Jellyfish

By Jenna Batchelor

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is a branch of science that deals with discovering and classifying forms of life into seven different categories. These categories help scientists to group life according to the characteristics of the organism. The seven categories are Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. The scientific name of an organism are the genus and species put together. For example, the scientific name for a cat is felis catus.

Taxonomy of a
box jellyfish

Kingdom: Animalia- This means that the organism is multicellular and is eukaryotic. An organism in this class must also have some type of skeletal support. They must reproduce sexually, and show levels of organization including cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

Phylum: Cnidaria- Animals in this phylum are categorized as having a radially symmetric body. That means that if you drew a line through the organisms body and fold it in half and it would line up almost perfectly. Most animals in this category are carnivorous and eat small crustaceans.

Class: Cobozoa- This is used to classify box jellyfish. This means that the jellyfish has a box like shape, and their tentacles hang from each corner of the box. The base of each tentacle is flattened, and the edge of the bell of the jellyfish curves in.

Order: Chirodropida- This order is used to distinguish types of box jellyfish that have muscular branched bases at the corners of their "umbrella" shaped body.

Family: Chirodropidae- This family is composed of venomous box jellyfish.

Genus: Chironex- A group of box jellyfish composed of the chironex fleckeri and chironex yamaguchii.

Species: Fleckeri- Commonly known as a sea wasp, or a species of venomous box shaped jellyfish.

where does a box jellyfish live?

Interesting facts

-An ounce of this jellyfish's venom can kill up to 60 adults and can kill a human in less than 3 minutes.

-The season of box jellyfish lasts from around October-April which is the summer season in Australia.

-These jellyfish cause more fatalities than sharks, crocodiles, and snakes combined.

-Box jellyfish are usually found in shallow warm waters, so that means they don't live in the coral reefs or in deep water.

-This jellyfish can propel itself upwards at a speed of 4-knots

-Box jellyfish have been known to kill even more people than great white sharks


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