Snow Day

                                               By: Muni Begum


                                               January 28,2015

     First of all I hope that everyone had a wonderful snow day cause I had a wonderful snow day. I know some of you had to stay home. Because sick or just really cold and don't wan to go out. I went outside and a lot of fun with my siblings. But, I felt bad for my little  brother he couldn't go outside cause he was sick.

     When I went outside on yesterday I had so much fun. We made or we tried making snow balls and snow mans. My older brother didn't like me trowing snow at him but i did it anyway. I did get in trouble though for doing It. My little brother was just looking out the window and crying I did felt bad.

    After that we went home and had lunch. We got a phone call at that moment. It was a phone call from my mom friend she invited us over for dinner. We all staring getting ready cause they live kind of far so we had to hurry. Me and my family went there we played in the snow and had fun.