Antarctica's Ice is Growing

Although Climate Change is occurring

An Antarctic ice shelf.

     Many people believe that climate change means the Earth is only warming.  But climate change also means cooling.  We have proof that some places 0n the Earth are cooling too.  Ice in Antarctica has been growing steadily since 1978. In fact, ice has grown around 1 million square kilometers in the last 2 years.

     The ice grows because of warm water currents melt the ice sheets, then the fresh water freezes  due to contact with the cold air. The warm water currents have little to do with global warming, but probably because of El NiƱo. Even though some Antarctic ice is depleting, it is growing faster than it is melting. This means that this could be a replacement for arctic ice.

This shows the over all increase of ice in Antarctica.


       Since the earth has had hot and cold periods throughout its history, it may just be a hot period for only northern climates and cooler for other climates. If climates are getting colder too, this just means that nature is just changing in areas, like it always has. Climate change is just nature taking its course.

The red areas are the places where ice is growing, and blue is where ice is depleting.

Antarctica is home to many species of animals like penguins, fish, and whales. Growing ice means that these species habitats are growing. This proves that all climate change does not effect all living things negatively.

A nice, little penguin family.

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