What about me?

Hi im Brandon and im 13 years old.

The book i read and Re-read as a kid.

The book i loved as a kid a read over and over again was diary of a wimpy kid. I read it almost every night.

The way i came up with my first pet name.

i came up with my cats name tootsie which i have had all my life and still have to this day. I came up with the name Tootsie because of the color of her fur.

( This cat is not my cat but looks exsacly the same )

The moment my world changed.

The moment my world changed was when my mom started baby siting. so every day for 4 years and about 6 to go when i go home i half to help my mom baby sit 2 kids as a faver to my secent grade teacher.

Where i have allways wanted to travel.

I have all ways wanted to travel is calaforna. my mom grow up there and it seemes like its allways sunny there.

My Rivalry with a sibling.

My rivalry with a sibling was me and my sister i never see here anymore but when i do we are always fighting for evrything. my sister is five years older than me and lives in seattle.