Mars Curiosity

Have you ever wondered if there is life or anything on Mars? Well that's what a robot named curiosity was about to find out. Mars Science Laboratory Mission part of NASA Mars Exploration Program started a long term robotic exploration to Mars.

Curiosity's trip took about a 8 months. It launched November 26, 2011 at 7:02 am and landed August 5, 2012 at 10:32 pm.It traveled about 354 miles in the whole journey. Curiosity did many things like studying the rock layers for clues into the water on the planets past. Curiosity was made with camera eyes to take pictures of Martian landscape. Some of the rock layers showed that there might be habitat for life on planet. Curiosity also had lazer eyes that vaporized thin layers of rock telling by the color what the rock is made of. One last thing that is amazing that curiosity could do is send the weather reports from Mars and back to us! Two booms on the rovers necked to detect the temp. and distance of speed.

      Curiosity will rely on new technological innovations, especially for landing.

In conclusion Curiosity was an amazing robotic figure. It helped discover so ,any things we didn't know about the "red planet". Who knows maybe one day Curiosity will go to other planets???

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