Thank You For Not Smoking

A Persuasive Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad,

     Imagine, an old man sits in his recliner beside his fireplace. He is all alone. His oxygen tank beeps as it sends air to his lungs. The house reeks of cigarette smoke. Ash trays litter the end table beside the recliner. Who is this miserable man? It is you, if you don’t stop smoking.

     Did you know that in 2000 4.9 million people died from smoking related illnesses. Is that terrible? Smoking is an unhealthy habit. It can turn your lungs black and even lead to cancer. The American Cancer Society says that smoking related diseases are the most preventable causes of death. So if you didn’t smoke, think about how much healthier you could be.

      Smoking is also really expensive. It costs an average of $6.36 for a pack of cigarettes. That may not sound like much, but listen to this. For every pack of cigarettes that you smoke, you have $35 worth of medical expenses. So if you continue to smoke two packs a day, that will cost you $82 a day. Think about what else you could spend that money on.

     Finally, smoking is a nasty habit that makes people not want to be around you. First of all, it really stinks. Your clothes stink. Your house stinks. Your car stinks. Your breath stinks. Everything stinks. Trust me, no one wants to be around a smoker. Even your own grandkids don’t want to be around you. Don’t you want to spend time with them?

      As you can see, smoking is bad. It’s unhealthy, expensive and lonely. You should stop smoking right now so that you can spend the rest of your long life surrounded by the people that you love, not like the old man in the recliner.



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