This weekend I went to a birthday party that was actually a sleepover. So, let me start from the beginning. So, I got there and I gave her a hug. Then we went to her room and played truth or dare. Then we went outside and played on the swing, tree, and smashed eggs on each other. Then we went inside and played school, tag, freeze tag, and hide n seek. Then we ate some pizza then we cleaned the room because we played dress up with make up and nails. Then it was night so we got our beds in the game room ready to sleep. There were small and big and mediums beds. then we fell asleep. Then the next  day wasn't a good day for me. So, we were outside and lets say I was playing and BAM! I got  something called dry eye and let me just tell you that it is not fun to have it because one it hurts when  the sun hits you. Two you can't go outside and three you have to put eye drops. So, I went home and got some rest and that was the end of my weekend.


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