Characteristics of the United States Economic System


This commercial advertises Taco Bell's new breakfast. Taco Bell's main competitor for fast food breakfast is McDonald's and this commercial shows that even people named after their competitor love Taco Bell's new breakfast. This commercial led McDonald's to give away free coffee as an incentive for people to go to McDonald's instead of Taco Bell for breakfast.

Economic Freedom

People have many different choices when it comes to their careers. In school they can take many different classes to learn the skills to become whatever they want to be.


Target is one of the United States' most popular market. A market is a place where buyers and sellers can exchange goods or services and complete transactions.

Consumer Sovereignty

Many people love iPhone, however, some people thought it was too expensive and wanted colored iPhones. So Apple created the iPhone 5c. This is just one example of consumer sovereignty in the American economy

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