"Shell Shock" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
By: Lily Falls Period 9

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

It is a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring from an injury or severe uncomfortable experiences.

Types of  PSTD during World War l

Acute PTSD was the most common at the beginning of the war  these soldiers who experienced it were taken out of war and for therapy. They were taken out of war because they were not focused enough and were not contributing enough to fighting.Because of all of the soldiers experiencing it the draft became larger. As the duration of the war continued more and more soldiers became ill with chronic PTSD. They were so mentally disturbed some couldn't even do simple tasks. It became so bad that 10 british hospitals became totally devoted to only treating patients with PTSD. Ten years after the war had ended 65,000 american soldiers still remained in Britain receiving treatment.

- In Hospitals patients with PTSD should not be treated in the same area as regular sick patients.

- Families of patients were not informed about patients progress

- Soldiers had to pass a test if they wished to go back to the war.

- Most men did not pass the test and the loss of soldiers increased and more and more men were getting drafted.

-Because of less soldiers the PTSD patients no longer had to pass a test to return to war and their weakness was overlooked.

-Once they returned to war they received no sympathy and were expected to work as hard as everyone else.