In A.D. 100 Hadrian marries Vibia Shiva, daughter of Trajan's niece Matidia.  This was a mainly insignificant part in this time line, the only big part that she plays is that he was an adulterer with her.


In A.D. 108 Hadrian becomes the Consul and Governor of Pannonia

Parthian Campaign

In A.D.144 Trajan starts Parthian Campaign


Also in A.D. 144 Hadrian also becomes the Governor and Consul of Sy

Trajan dies

In A.D. 117 Trajan dies, August eight. It is only made public on the eleventh.

Hadrian is heir

On August ninth Hadrian in pronounced heir to the throne, A.D. 117

Emperor Hadrian- One of the Five good emperors.

Emperor Hadrian was born in Italy (historians are unsure of exactly where) to a provincial family in A.D. 76.


Hadrian is married to Vibia Shvia, Trajan's nieces daughter. She is not the most important to the story but, she is tied in when Hadrian indulges in adultery.

Hadrian emperor and four consuls die

Before even reaching Rome as the emperor, four ex consuls and governors are found dead. Hadrian denies any involvement...

Hadrian expands TRajan's well fare plan for the poor

Hadrian seeks heir

At the age of sixty with health falling rapidly he starts the search for an heir. An heir is found and her retires at the age of sixty.

Final Days

Hadrian Dies in A.D. 138. In the period in between his death he is paranoid to the point of ordering the suicide of men he thought would challenge the throne, as well as he was extremely stressed. He sought to end his life by either poison or blade, he succeeded with neither. End all be all he retires to the pleasure islands of Baiea, dying shortly after