All About Jenny Mlodzik

I am entering my third year as a kindergarten teacher at Block House Creek Elementary for Leander ISD.   

My Family

Jonathan and I have been together for 17 years and we are blessed with two amazing littles:  our son, Jace (age 10) and daughter, Jadyn (age 6).

🎶"...a few of my favorite things...." 🎶

I love the show, "Friends" and spending time with my bestie, Steph!

I love Disney, Mickey Mouse and spending time at the Disney Parks.

I love reading--especially Young Adult fiction.

As a member of the TSTL team, I am most excited about...

learning new ideas that I can take back to my team and campus and collaborating with other technology teacher leaders!


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3 years ago

Great Tackk! Can't wait to see more.