My country is Tanzania

Where is Tanzania: Tanzania is located in Southeast Africa.  The capital is Dodoma.


If you get elected President then you get to elect a prime minister. If you are President then you get to be President for five years.


For clothes we wear a western style clothes. If you have kid they would wear jeans t-shirt and tennis shoes. If you work in a business you have to wear certain clothes.


Some kids start kindergarten at four years old.When you go to school you go for seven years and secondary school last six years. If parent don't send their kids to school unless they are sick or had to not be able to go to school there is a consequence. School is free in Tanzania but most kids don't go past seventh grade. If you go to secondary school you have to pay fees. Most schools are public but if there is a private school they are usually in urban places. Girls don’t go to school because they have so big of jobs to do at home so they don’t go to school. In Tanzania cheating is getting more common because they like it is a shortcut to success. School in Tanzania they have to wear a uniform.

School uniforms


This is their flag. It has green and blue outsides and in the middle it has black and yellow stripes.


In Tanzania we mostly speak Kiswahili and Kiswahili is also used in school, newspaper, radio, and T.V. If you go to secondary school you speak English

Popular foods

In Tanzania the popular foods are rice, bananas, and ugali ( a stiff porridge made from maize).

Popular  Places  to Visits

You might want to visit Mount Kilimanjaro and there are some sandy beaches you can go to. You can go to Ruaha National Park, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar,and Mafia Island. Go to this link to see more places you can visit in Tanzania!

Mount Kilimanjaro


This is one of Tanzania's towns.


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